The Shootouts – “Quick Draw” Liner Notes


  1. Cleaning House

  2. I’d Rather Be Lonely

  3. If I Could

  4. California to Ohio

  5. Quick Draw

  6. Must Be Love

  7. If We Quit Now

  8. Who Needs Rock & Roll

  9. Alimony

  10. Lonely Never Lets Me Down

  11. Reckless Abandon

  12. Radio Jesus

  13. Losing Faith in Being Faithful


The Shootouts: 

Ryan Humbert: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals 

Emily Bates: Harmony Vocals 

Brian Poston: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar 

Ryan McDermott: Bass 

Dylan Gomez: Drums, Percussion


The Hired Guns: 

Al Moss: Pedal Steel, Acoustic Guitar 

Luca Benedetti: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Nashville Guitar 

Jim Campilongo: Electric Guitar, Nylon String Guitar 

Jon Cowherd: Piano Rob Hecht: Fiddle 

Strings arranged, performed and recorded by Chris Carmichael at Stonehurst Studio


Produced by Luca Benedetti & Jim Campilongo 

Executive Producer: Joe Mirocke 

Engineered & Mixed by Aaron Nevezie 

Recorded at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY 

Assistant Engineer: Todd Carder 

Additional Editing: Jacob Bergson 

Mastered by Paul Blakemore


Management: Melrose Artist Management 

Photos: Aimee Lambes Photography 

Package Design: Ryan Humbert

In Loving Memory of

Judy Humbert (1954 to 2018)

Ron Humbert (1931 to 2016)


Who Needs Rock & Roll,

Lonely Never Lets Me Down

written by Ryan Humbert (ASCAP) 

California to Ohio

written by Ryan Humbert (ASCAP) & Kim Richey (BMG/BMI) 

Radio Jesus

written by Ryan Humbert (ASCAP)

with additional lyrics by Emily Bates

I’d Rather Be Lonely,

Cleaning House,

Reckless Abandon

written by Al Moss (BMI)

Losing Faith in Being Faithful

written by Al Moss (BMI)

& Ryan Humbert (ASCAP) 

Quick Draw

written by Brian Poston (ASCAP) 

Must Be Love

written by George Ducas (ASCAP)

& Stacey Earle (SESAC)

If We Quit Now

written by Marc Lee Shannon (BMI)


written by Shel Silverstein (BMI) 

If I Could

written by Tim Carroll (BMI) 

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